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Why our Lithium Iron Phosphate is the best solution for your energy storage needs.

  • Our LiFePO4 batteries allow up to 16 units to be connected together, allowing adaptation to the changing needs of your business or household.

  • Our cabinet system makes installation and maintenance of our LiFePO4 batteries easy.

  • Space Saver - our cabinet only takes up 4 square feet of floor space.  Up to 8 of our units can be installed vertically in one of our cabinets.

Modular Energy Storage

Finished_Stripped_SOK 48V 100ah RackMounted.png
  • Each of our batteries have an independent Smart Battery Management system built in to protect the LiFePO4 cells from deep discharge and overcharges.  This functionally  extends its working life span and prevents damaging thermal episodes.


  • Our lithium iron phosphate batteries are a vastly safer choice for planets ecosystem and water table, as opposed to environmentally toxic to lithium cobalt. 

  • Unlike Lithium Cobalt chemistry, LiFePO4 chemistry does not suffer from thermal runaway in the event of physical damage, short circuit, overcharge or extreme discharge.

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